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Terms of Use for Cybertrust Device ID Application

Cybertrust DeviceiD Terms of Use for Cybertrust Device ID Application

These Terms of Use for Cybertrust Device ID Application (hereinafter referred to as these "Terms") provide matters regarding the use of the Device ID Application (the "Product"). Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") will grant a license for the use of the Product provided only that you agree to these Terms.

Article 1 (Details of the Product)
1.1 The Product is an application that is used to within a corporation or an organization register a device certificate on a terminal, after identifying the terminal in conjunction with the "Cybertrust Device ID" (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") that the Company provides in order to verify the terminal by using a device certificate.
1.2 The Product will send to the Service the following terminal identification data, as information to identify the relevant terminal, through an encrypted communication channel.
・ Wireless LAN MAC address

Article 2 Use of the Terminal Identification Data
2.1 The Company will obtain the terminal identification data regarding each user (hereinafter simply referred to a "User") of the terminal in accordance with the directions of the manager of the corporation or the organization that uses the Service. The Company will treat such data that it obtains pursuant to these Terms.
2.2 The Company will not mutually exchange, collate, or otherwise relate, in or outside the Company, any terminal identification data that it obtains pursuant to Article 2.1 or personal data regarding Users.

Article 3 Purpose of Use of the Obtained Data
The Company will use the data it obtains pursuant to the preceding Article 2 for the purposes set forth below. The Company will obtain previous consent from a User whenever the Company uses data obtained pursuant to preceding Article 2 for any purpose other than those set forth in this article, after clarifying such purpose of use.
(1) To register a device certificate only on the terminal authorized by a corporation or an organization that uses the Service, in accordance with the directions of the manager of such corporation or organization;
(2) To support inquiries from a corporation or an organization that uses the service provided by the Company; or
(3) To make an investigation upon the occurrence of a failure or misuse of the service provided by the Company.

Article 4 Terms of Use
4.1 Users will only be granted non-exclusive and non-transferrable rights to use the Product, provided that they use the Product pursuant to these Terms. The materials to be licensed under these Terms will be limited to the object code and all of the rights will be owned by the Company unless otherwise explicitly provided.
4.2 Users must not sell, redistribute or sublicense the Product.
4.3 Users must use the Product "as is" and must not reverse-engineer, disassemble, decompile, alter, or create derivative works from the Product.
4.4 Users agree that the Company will be exempt from any warranty, indemnification, or any other obligation, whether it is explicit or implicit, with respect to the Product.

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