Cybertrust "Secure IoT Platform"

The structure that enables IoT device identification / authentication and secure collection / management of data.

With the advent of the IoT society there are now multiple end-point devices connected to the network.

These IoT devices will have various usage models, and with the restriction on the device resources it will often be difficult to introduce any security measures.

There have been countless cyber-attacks against the vulnerabilities of Web Cameras and Routers where the IoT devices are hijacked and used as a platform for DDos attacks,requiring attention by society as a whole.

During Aug. 2017, the US government announced the strengthening of Cyber Security for major Federal Network Infrastructure by ascertaining the vulnerability of IoT devices.

In 2017, a health care company announced a voluntary recall of some pacemakers to patch cybersecurity vulnerabilities that were acknowledged by FDA and the Department of Homeland Security's Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team.

As from the actual incidents, an end-to-end solution for IoT Security is becoming an immediate requirement for life-cycle management.

Resolving security issues with "Secure IoT platform®"


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What is a "Secure IoT platform®"

The Secure IoT Platform® will provide authentication environment that will protect the IoT end-devices from Cyber attacks.

The Secure IoT Platform is a solution that allows users to manage the security status of IoT devices throughout their lifecycle from the semiconductor design to the disposal process stage, utilizing technology from the Rambus CryptoManagerâ„¢ Platform, including the IoT Security Service.

Secure IoT Platform makes it possible to manage IoT devices with high-level of security, and it will also enable to manage user(s) themselves by chronicling their activities.

In addition, OTA * can be securely seriviced for IoT devices which have longer life cycles than PCs, smartphones etc.

* OTA is an abbreviation for Over-The-Air, which is to update OS / applications, synchronize data, manage terminals, etc. by wireless networks such as Wi-Fi.

Merits of Secure IoT Platform

icon-02.png Traceable from Production Stage Semiconductor ~ Using a key embedded in a dedicated chip at production, issuing a digital certificate from the Certificate Authority, and securing the authenticity of the device by embedding into the dedicated chip
icon-03.png Long-term security for IoT Devices After establishing secure communication by device authentication, cooperate with IoT Device Management and Secure OTA to provide a safe maintenance environment for IoT equipment after ex-factory
icon-01.png Protecting existing IoT equipment Cooperation with Eco Partner, provide key to existing equipment, provide Secure IoT Platform environment, contribute to cost reduction of existing facilities and improvement of service

Integrated Management Infrastructure for IoT devices

Integrated Management Infrastructure for IoT devices

APIs that compose the Secure IoT Platform

Crypto Manager
  • Embedding unique keys in the secure area of a semiconductor in large quantities.
IoT Security Service
  • Turnkey solution that provides seamless device-to-cloud secure connectivity and security lifecycle management for IoT service providers and OEMs
  • Manage device security status and device credential status for all devices connected to the IoT service.
Certification Authority
  • Certificate Authority.
  • Issuance and expiration of Digital Certificate.
Trusted OS
  • Certificate-based secure boot, and dedicated OS activated by TrustZone of a Secure World.
  • Secure key , certificate , and device management, with program update processing.
Over The Air
  • Provide update function of firmware, OS and other various files after identifying devices by ISS device authentication, authenticating data authenticity with developer's digital signature.

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